Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the sniffles

and hacking and the green snot. 

Ok, you get the idea. It's been that kind of a weekend into week. The Chef came home on Thursday night not feeling the best and then Friday I came down with whatever he had. Through the weekend we've been nursing each other back to health. 

I started to get excited yesterday afternoon, getting some energy back and rocking out some chores in my pjs. Then last night, I fell apart again. Hacking, coughing, and if you were to suction me you'd get green. Appetizing, I know. 

Thank you so much for all of you who have texted, called, and left IG comments wishing me to get better and if I need anything. I really appreciate it. 

In other news, we're continuing our house search. I love our apartment and wish we could stay here forever, but I'm also anxious to have a real home.

This past weekend, we put an offer in on a home, but unfortunately we didn't get it. It was a cute house in a great location and apparently others thought so too. 

So, we're back at it. If you think of it, we would love prayer that we choose the best house and home for our little family. 

Cheers (holding up my DayQuil)! 

Remember to constantly wash your hands with all the grossness going around. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

beginning 2014

It has been exactly a month since the last time I posted. 

I really did not mean to take a month away from this space but life happened. 

Christmas time was incredible.
We celebrated with both of our families in DC. Enjoying time with our parents and siblings. We are excited for the day though that we have our own kids and start our own Christmas traditions...really blending the best of both family traditions. 

We loved seeing DC friends who we miss so much. It was great spending time catching up on each other's lives. I'm so thankful that we've stayed friends with people from our first married years together. 

We had the best New Year's Eve with our small group: we cooked, laughed, drank wine, and had everyone spend the night. Seriously, other than growing up in Vienna with our traditions of fireworks, chili, and staying up all night with friends, it was the best NYE.

January has flown by. 
The absolute best thing that has happened in January is that our niece was born! My SIL texted me in the middle of a night shift saying she was having contractions, so I left work, raced home, woke up a grumpy husband, packed our bags, and drove to DC at 3am. She is the cutest baby, ever. I may or may not be biased.

Remember our small group that we started meeting with back in the fall? Well, we were more of a social group then and now have officially started meeting. I cannot wait to see how we grow, change, and become better friends this spring. 

If you've been following me on IG (aileenpp, my24daychallenge) then you know I (like many others this time of year) decided to commit to getting and staying healthy. I started the Advocare 24 day challenge. I've enjoyed it so far, but I'll save all my thoughts until I finish.

So, I'm glad that we're caught up now. Hopefully, it won't be another month until we meet again. 

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