Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happiness and Cheer

Our weekend was full of Christmas happiness and cheer! 

My weekend started off on Thursday with lots of Christmas baking. We're hosting our first Raleigh Christmas party: Christmas cookies and holiday drinks. I have to work the two nights before, so I'm starting early. 

Thank you so much for sharing with my your favorite cookies on IG. I added a few more kinds to my list. 

We met some of our favorite friends: Allison and Jarod at the Angus Barn for dinner and drinks. 

We loved the Christmas decor with the upside down tree and elf children. 

Our bellies were stuffed and our hearts full after spending the evening with them. I just wish we lived closer to each other...move to Raleigh....

I'm loving my new Christmas wreath made by my bestie Mallory. Isn't she talented?

I also love it because she made the holder removable, so I'll be able to change it for Valentine's and Fourth of July. So creative!

Friday night, we spent the evening with our favorites: our small group.

We met for lots of chips, salsa, queso, margaritas, and tacos at Chuy's and then had dessert back at our apartment.

I love that there is never a shortage of conversation or laughter with these friends. I'm so excited to walk through life together. Especially, right now with the excitement, stress, disappointment, and hope of house hunting.

My weekend ended a little early with starting work on Sunday, but at least it's only two shifts in a row before I'm off again and will start prepping for our first Raleigh Christmas party.

Any Christmas party hosting tips for me? 

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  1. I love your white cabinets, they are so pretty!

  2. I have heard great things about Angus Barn. We are hoping to go soon to celebrate when we sell our house.

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. It always smells so good when cookies are baking and it makes it even harder not to eat them all once they come out of the oven. Hope you have a great week!


  4. I am in love with that wreath! So so pretty!


  5. We LOVED spending time with you guys! Always looking forward to next time :)

  6. Aw looks like a great weekend! This is such a fun time of the year :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Looks like you had a fab weekend!! This is my fav time of year!

    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

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