Monday, November 10, 2014

Maternity Monday: weeks 21-23

Happy Monday! 

My first Maternity Monday post is here! I have a couple of more weeks to catch up on, and I think that I might post most of them a week behind because I "turn" the next week on Sundays. 

Week 21: I absolutely love knowing that we're having a sweet baby GIRL! I ordered her first pj gown/maybe coming home outfit with her name on it. We have been set on her first name for a while but still tossing around names for her middle name. I can't wait to decide, so I can start monogramming. 

The very best thing this week was that J felt the baby move/kick for the first time! 

Week 22: I got to spend most of this week in Birmingham! I love seeing my college bests and celebrating Amy & Justin at their trendy, hipster wedding. Spending time with these loves makes my heart so incredibly full. I'm just so thankful for have friends who love me (and know our sweet baby!) so much!

This week, I ate some of my Birmingham favorites: O'Carrs chicken salad (twice), Steel City Pops, O'Henry's, and Jim & Nick's.

Week 23: I realized why I don't sleep well at night, it's because Baby P is dancing, kicking, and jumping on my bladder all night long.  She and I were both awake for three night shifts this week.

After my third night shift, we had an OB appointment and got to hear baby's heartbeat.
Before the first night shift of the week
This was an exciting week for us... we celebrated our fourth anniversary and J's birthday! J picked a new favorite for us on Thursday night: Bida Manda. The Laotian food was incredible. We loved the spring rolls, gingered ribs, crispy pork belly soup, and a grapefruit ginger spritzer for me.

For J's birthday, I picked a local brewery that has rave review pizza and beer. I can't wait to try their cider, post baby. We enjoyed dinner out, and then a quiet night at home opening presents and celebrating.

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