Monday, August 31, 2015

Thinking Fall

Yes, I'm thinking about fall on these 90+ degree days. I love, love summer, but this one has been brutal. And totting a baby, car seat, and diaper bag has left me a sweaty mess most days.

Fall and slightly cooler days, I'm ready for you.

I'm ready for crisp lake walks, pumpkin everything, crunchy leaves, and all the fall candles.

While I've been wishing for cooler temps, I've also been looking at fall fashion. I'm excited about pulling out old clothes that I couldn't wear last year and adding some new ones. My mom uniform for summer has been flowy tops and shorts. Easy access to the boobs is key for nursing. My fall wardrobe will definitely have to incorporate that aspect.

Ok, so I need some help. I don't want to be that frumpy mom who doesn't shower, has greasy hair, and wears gym clothes all day long without working out. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely those days around here too, but I'd prefer it not be every day. In preparing for fall, I've been scouring blogs for inspiration. I'm sure you've seen them, but I love Caroline's capsule wardrobes and am thinking about creating my own. I'm a frugal shopper and love the idea of purchasing everything at the beginning of a season and then saving the rest of the months.

Guilty Target shopper?

Yes, that's me.
I chronically pick one or two pieces up almost every trip. In thinking through my fall wardrobe purchases, I would rather have fewer, high quality pieces than a closet stocked full of mediocre pieces.

I'd say my style is fairly classic and neutral. So, where should I shop for reasonable, cute, new pieces?


  1. I'm with you on wanting fall to get here ASAP, and I do the SAME THING at Target. It's hilarious! I started to do that, too, right after Walker was born -- buying good, high-quality pieces and trying to balance more of those with the cheaper pieces from Target, Old Navy, etc. I've found Nordstrom, Loft and J. Crew Factory have great staple pieces that I can wear with a lot of different things and are good quality.

  2. Target has some great classic tunics that I am loving for fall. I love J Crew factory for other staples. Loft has had great staples in the past but I am not loving the styles this fall.

  3. Yes, I'm totally on board with the capsule wardrobe! I'm currently purging through my closet in my first step to creating a capsule. Gotta admit the closet purging feels pretty cathartic ;)