Friday, October 2, 2015

This Rain Makes Me Basic

I know everyone is over this rain, but I'm loving it.

I love that it has brought cooler weather. This summer was so beastly hot.

Postpartum hormones + hot natured + carrying CHP, a diaper bag, and car seat everywhere = sweaty, gross mama ALL summer long.

I love wearing my Hunter boots. day. after day.

I love another reason to brew a second pot of Trader Joe's pumpkin coffee. Even if it means reheating it five times because I've gotten distracted with CHP.

I love alternating between my Lulu pants and my new favorite Target pants. They are the softest, most comfy, lounging pants ever. Go buy a pair; you'll thank me.

I love our growing grass. We had it planted before all of the rain started, and now we have a lush, green yard. It makes me so excited for all the hours of playtime we'll get out of it next spring when CHP starts walking.

I love that CHP's nap schedule has been amazing this week. Her room is so dark, and she's napped for longer than usual, which probably means we need to purchase darker blinds.

I love another excuse to go grab a latte at local coffee shops with friends. If you're in the area, Jubala has a pumpkin spice that tastes like pumpkin pie, and Sola has one that is lightly spiced and only slightly sweet, which is how I like a latte. I know, #basic right?

This week has been exactly what we needed. People seem to always ask what CHP and I do all day, and we keep ourselves busy between baby story time at the library, playgroup, Bible study, small group, seeing friends, running errands, and playing at home. But this week, we didn't have many plans and loved a little down time before I work this weekend.

Snuggle up, light a fall candle, brew a pot of coffee, and enjoy your rainy weekend!


  1. I love that you have those Target pants, too! :) And I think I reheat my coffee about that many times a day, too. I saw something the other day that said, "You know you're a mom when you understand why Mama Bear's porridge was cold." Ha!

  2. Hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend. I plan on using the rain as an excuse to stay inside all weekend!