Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Moving

We're moving...again! 

It seems to have become a tradition for me to move every summer. I thought that was just a college thing. This will be my 8th move in 8 years, and the Chef's and my 4th apartment together. Thankfully, this year it's an in-town move.

Here are some tips for packing up your life every summer.

1. Clean out your closet before you start packing. In past summers, I've waited until I was packing the boxes to clean out, but it creates such chaos. Purge your closet early and get those bags off to goodwill or a clothing swap.

2. Start packing early. Relieve the stress of the day-before by starting a week ahead of time. Yes, it stinks to live with boxes, but it's so much less stress. For this week of work, the Chef pre-made lunches and dinners on Sunday and then left out one bowl, paper plates, and one skillet to cook eggs.

3. Over estimate the amount of boxes you'll need. We've underestimated in the past and have had to make multiple, last minute trips to U-Haul for packing supplies.

4. Lastly, if it's an affordable option, get movers! Tomorrow will be our first time with Two Men and A Truck Movers, and we're so excited to have them move all the heavy boxes and furniture. This move should be the smoothest yet. And hopefully, our next move will be a more permanent one: to a house.


  1. Oh man, moving is not my favorite, but it looks like you are so much more organized. I know that I will never move without hiring movers again.

  2. I loathe moving, but you sound like an old pro, so I'm sure it will go smoothly for you!


  3. 8 moves in 8 years?! I don't think I could do it. Glad this one is a close-by move! :)