Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Wino Weekend

This past weekend was an absolute blast. Our friends, Laura and Justin came into town to spend a wino weekend with us. Justin and I met at Hopkins and became friends and then we quickly started a supper club trying out different Baltimore eats with our significant others. 

Our first night we took them to Cowfish. I know they thought it was a little odd, but they trusted us and left saying it was amazing. 

I highly recommend the ahi tuna nachos as an appetizer, the green monster burger, and the neon dion sushi roll. We rolled out of Cowfish and onto Vivace for dessert. 

Saturday, we started our wine trail beginning at The Vineyards at Southpoint. We enjoyed the tasting; however it was slightly disappointing that they don't grow all of their own grapes and only had a tiny vineyard for show. 

We loved the wine slushies. They were so refreshing as we sat outside on a deck overlooking a pond. 

Our  second stop was Cloer Family Vineyards, and we loved this place. It was exactly what we were looking for in a winery. It's a new family run and owned vineyard with a great tasting after which we bought two bottles and sat outside enjoying their vineyard, the neighbor cows, and a quiet pond. 

We loved spending the afternoon chatting about Justin and Laura's upcoming destination wedding. We're so excited to be on the invite list and cannot wait to get our tan and party on in Key West come April 2014.

Our two favorite bottles were the Matador and Isobella's Blush in case you head to Cloer soon.

I'm already looking forward to our next vineyard wine tasting with Justin and Laura. It's just the best enjoying a glass of wine, fabulous company, and a gorgeous afternoon outside.

After our delicious wine tasting, the Chef cooked this meal for our guests. He really does such a great job in the kitchen preparing and cooking for me. It's so nice having a husband who cooks! 

One thing I love about going to restaurants with Justin is that he always orders dessert. Since we didn't make any dessert to go with the Chef's gourmet meal, we went to Yard House for drinks and dessert. From the sampler, Justin and Laura raved about the apple pie, so I'll have to try it there next time.

Who knew a s'more brownie would be this big? We didn't. And we couldn't finish it either. The melting marshmallows were my favorite. 

We had such a great weekend spending time with the newly engaged couple. It was so much fun to hear about their upcoming wedding, hear Laura's ridiculous school stories, gossip with Justin about my old job, and just get to be with people we love.

We cannot wait for our next weekend together!

And after a weekend full of wine drinking, you'd think I would be tired of it right? ...no.

Sunday evening, I met three of my friends for our kindly named group the "knitting club". It started because one of us was going to learn to knit from another, but it's quickly turned into a drinks, appetizer eating, and chatting time.

For our second meeting of the "knitting club," we picked West End Wine Bar, which offered tapas and wine. It was delicious, and we'll be looking for a new spot for our next meeting. Any suggestions?

It was such a fabulous weekend full of fun and friends, just the way I like it.


  1. I love going to wineries! What a fun weekend!

  2. So fun! I can't wait until I can have wine again. I am a serious wine-o and definitely miss it! :)

  3. That sign is too funny! And the dessert looks so good!


  4. I love, love, LOVE Cowfish -- excellent choice!: http://curiouser-and-curiouser.com/2012/06/25/cowfish-proves-burgers-and-sushi-are-an-excellent-combo/

  5. We had SUCH a good time! You chose great places, and were the best hosts!