Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Third Anniversary


Today is our three year wedding anniversary. 

The time has flown by, and I can't express how much I love being married to Jeff. 

The last three years have been full of adventures, traveling, laughter, and four apartment moves. I love sharing life with such an incredible man. 

I love looking back to our wedding day but am even more thankful for today and for what is to come.

Wanna pack your bags, Something small
Take what you need and we disappear
Without a trace we'll be gone, gone
The moon and the stars can follow the car
and then when we get to the ocean
We gonna take a boat to the end of the world
All the way to the end of the world

Oh, and when the kids are old enough
We're gonna teach them to fly

You and me together, we could do anything, Baby

You and I, we're not tied to the ground
Not falling but rising like rolling around
Eyes closed above the rooftops
Eyes closed, we're gonna spin through the stars
Our arms wide as the sky
We gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the world
To the end of the world

We can always look back at what we did
All these memories of you and me baby
But right now it's you and me forever girl
And you know we could do better than anything that we did
You know that you and me, we could do anything

Two of us together, we could do anything, baby

"You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band that we danced to for our first dance and Mr. and Mrs. 


  1. Ahh I love the pictures! Happy Anniversary!

  2. GORGEOUS! Happy Anniversary pretty girl :)


  3. Happy anniversary! Love all of the wedding pictures!

  4. Happy, happy anniversary! This was so fun to read and look through! How sweet and special! <3