Monday, October 19, 2015


Becoming bold.
I'm talking to you, mamas.

This is a characteristic I've never associated with myself or motherhood until recently.

Motherhood is a new season for me, and I love finding others who are walking this same path. It's such an encouragement to walk alongside friends and learn from each other. It might mean trying something new, going some place you've never been, and talking with new people.

You might not be able to find a playgroup that meets at the right time or location for your baby because of nap schedules, feedings, or feeling odd jumping into an established group. So, start one. I did and love it.

Look for activities for you and your baby to do together. CHP and I love going to the library for baby story time every week. She loves the music, hearing the stories, watching other babies, and we both like getting out of the house.

J and I have tried a couple of small groups at church. It's been hard adding CHP into the mix because some small groups bring the kids. For us, this option wasn't ideal, so we kept looking and have found a different small group that seems to be a better fit.

I've been encouraged by reading For the Love to keep pursuing community. It has been great talking with J and figuring out what that looks like and how we can love others.

It might take a step of boldness, being uncomfortable, and reaching out again, but keep trying!
Happy Monday, mamas!

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