Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Building memories as a family is so important to me and when friends are like family, vacationing with them is the best! 

Two of my best girlfriends, their husbands and us love to try and meet up a couple or more times a year. Now that the wedding season of our lives is coming to a close, we're looking forward to traveling to new places and each others' homes more often. 

Labor Day week, we met our besties in Tybee Island and had the best time. 

They are incredible to let us bring and love on our beach-hating baby. How can she be my child, if she hates the beach!? Maybe next summer we'll have more success when the waves, noise, and sand aren't so overwhelming.

Adding a baby into the mix, sure does change things: early dinners, early bedtimes, nap scheduling, and general fussiness being out of her routine, but it's so much fun having her spend time with people we love and see new places.

None of us had been to Tybee before and liked the beach and loved that it's so close to Savannah. The boys golfed, and the girls shopped. We snuck in some beach time with J and I trading to watch CHP nap in the condo. Our favorite spots were: Tybee Social Club, Collins Quarter, Tequila's Town, and Red Clover.

We can't wait for our next trip together! 

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