Monday, January 26, 2015

Maternity Monday: weeks 26-28

If you follow me on IG (aileenpp), you know we're getting close to Baby P's arrival! But it's fun to take the weekly bump photos and document this pregnancy. I love that I bought a May Designs book to keep track of everything. So here is the end of the second trimester, a little late...

Week 26: This week, I've continued to be very emotional. I think a lot of it has to do with not sleeping well and working nights. Normally, I can flip back and forth without too much trouble but with pregnancy it's been really hard. 

This year, I worked Monday-Wednesday before Thanksgiving and am very thankful to have the day and the weekend to celebrate with family. My parents and sister came into town, and it was so nice not having to travel. We hosted a small Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the day.

Over the weekend, we did some nursery prep projects and went to an Indian restaurant that one of J's co-workers owns. My family loved it!

Week 27: I worked all night shifts leading up to our weekend in DC, so I was extremely tired but excited for our weekend celebrating Baby P at two family showers. I've been trying to drink lots of water but in turn am running to the bathroom all the time - day and night!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Baby P at two family showers. My MIL and Carolyn hosted a gorgeous blush pink, gold, monogram, and bows shower in the afternoon. Then we drove up to Baltimore for my side of the family. My mom and cousin hosted a fun co-ed appetizer and books party for our baby.

Just before the showers, we told our families and friends Baby P's initials, in case anyone wanted to monogram gifts. We are keeping her full name a secret until she's born. We love hearing people's guesses of her name.

I'll try and put together a full post of the showers but no promises! They both were such fun, sweet showers, and we felt so loved by our family and friends.

Week 28: The above photo was taken the day before week 28.

This week, we relaxed and organized things from our shower. My SIL and cousin have been a huge blessing by giving us lots of baby clothes, bottles, bouncy seats, toys, and more. Traveling home our car was so full J could barely see out the back, and there is still more in DC that we couldn't fit.

We have really enjoyed time together preparing for our little girl and the Christmas season. I baked and relaxed over the weekend in between projects. We also spent time with the Hills and went to my favorite brunch spot Joule with another couple.

This pregnancy is flying by, and I can't believe we're almost ready to start the third trimester!


  1. Love the update! Can't believe how soon baby CHP will be here! Sending you lots of love <3