Thursday, July 23, 2015

Breastfeeding: Months 1-3

It's a sore, painful, rewarding, and sweet process all rolled into one.

Just like being a mom, I've enjoyed breastfeeding so much more than I thought I would. 

At the beginning, I nursed through the pain and soreness but wondered if I could keep going. I used Angel Baby Nipple Butter after every feed, and it helped so much with the initial healing. J has been an incredible support during our hospital stay and afterwards. I'm glad he went to the breastfeeding class and was there when the lactation consultant showed us different hold positions.

Pumping: At week 3, I started pumping because our pediatrician suggested we introduce a bottle between 2-4 weeks. (Everyone seems to have a different opinion about when to introduce a bottle because the lactation consultants told us not until 4-6 weeks. We chose to follow our pediatrician because I didn't want her to refuse a bottle later on). Initially, I pumped after feedings and would only get 0.5-1oz. I didn't want to take milk away from her or alter my supply too much.

After a few weeks, I stopped pumping after feeds and added a "feed" by pumping once during the day, every day.

Once CHP started sleeping longer, I started pumping in the morning before she got up. Occasionally at night, I pump depending on if I feel full and need relief before her long stretch of sleeping.

Storage: I have been using the Ameda storage bags and lay them flat in the freezer until frozen before transferring them into gallon size ziplocks for easy freezer storage. I've organized them by date and ounces, so it's easy to grab the oldest ones first.

Products I love: My SIL gave me her Medela Pump in Style Advanced, and I bought all new parts for it. I've really liked this pump and don't have any complaints about it.

My covered goods cover has been a life saver. I cannot recommend it enough. I used it for the first time traveling to NYC; I nursed in the airport, plane, and the whole weekend around family. Before using it, I never nursed in public. It felt too awkward trying to get CHP organized without flashing someone. It also doubles as a car seat cover, which is nice when she naps on errands.

Bottles: My cousin gave me all of her Avent and Tomee Tippee bottles. I've really liked both. CHP seems more gassy with both, but I think that is a general problem with bottles instead of the breast.

Our breastfeeding journey always seems to be changing. I'm curious to see how things change when I head back to work, and CHP has to take bottles for 14 hours. I'll also have to figure out the most efficient way to pump and store milk at work.

To be continued...


  1. You're doing a great job! I pumped and stored at work with Charlie. Medela has bags and ice packs you can use to store your milk which I thought was super helpful.

  2. When did your sweet girl start sleeping through the night? Mac is a month old and still waking up every 2.5 hours. Was there anything you did to help her sleep more?