Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Headband

Hope you had a great weekend! I'm ready to start this week, and I wanted to share a diy project.

A few weeks ago, some of my friends and I hosted a baby shower for our co-worker/friend Sarah. I have been wanting to share a super easy tutorial in case you're invited to a baby shower this spring.

I love baby girl headbands; I think they are the cutest. I saw a few on etsy but didn't have time to buy and have it shipped before the shower, so I decided to make my own.I read a few tutorials online and saw some ones on how to make felt flowers. But as you'll see I took the easy way out.

Items you'll need:
Soft flowers
(all from Michael's)
hot glue gun (already had)

Hot glue the back of the flower. 

Cut the felt in a circle to match size of the back of the flower. It doesn't have to be exact. I just eye-balled it. Put hot glue on the back of the circle.

Then hot glue the flower to the headband and then hot glue the felt circle to the headband to protect baby's head from the flower backing. 

 And viola!
There you have it: an adorably sweet baby headband that took minimal effort and money.

This week is packed full of fun posts and some exciting news!

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  1. Those are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Precious, precious, precious! Want one for Caroline, ha! You could probs sell these on cute!