Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warby Parker

I love the idea TOMs has about buying a pair and giving a pair of shoes.

Warby Parker has the same idea except with glasses. I love this concept because I'm super blind without my glasses, so I'd love to give a pair to someone else with my purchase.

I love Warby Parker for a few reasons...

1. They are very affordable at $95 per pair with the possible $35 extra if you have terrible eyes like me and need the recommended slimmer glass.

2. Warby Parker offers a wide, stylish variety of glasses.

3. You can order five In-Home try on pairs for five days. Here are the five that I chose...


I currently wear a black pair of glasses that are smaller and more rectangular, so I was looking for something a little more hipster. My friends help push me outside my style box, so I went for it.

Which one do you like best?

I placed my Warby Parker order and hopefully will be getting my new frames soon!

This is my own opinion and I wasn't sponsored to write this post.

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