Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maternity: weeks 39 & 40

Here is a little catch up from a couple of weeks ago. Time is flying around here...

Week 39:  
This week was filled with ice, snow, and a surprise! 

Monday, I got out after having cabin fever from last week's snow fall. I took my friend, Emily's Pure Barre class, and her classes are always my favorites. Tuesday, we had more snow and ice, so I didn't leave the house again. No one wanted a falling preggo. 

Wednesday, my mom came into town. We were supposed to go to an afternoon tea but with the icy weather and being 39 weeks pregnant we decided to grab lattes closer to home. 

That night, we went out to our favorite Mexican place. Little did we know this would be our last photo as two

That night, we got a huge (for Raleigh) snow storm that brought trees and power lines down, and we lost power for 17 hours. On Thursday, J worked from home. Since it was freezing in our house, we huddled together around our fireplace trying to stay warm. Mom and I read and tried to stay distracted from contractions that started that morning. They lightened up throughout the day, and we finally got power back in the evening. 

J & I decided to go to bed early after such a cold, snowy day. I started watching a Parenthood in bed, and my contractions started coming more frequently and consistently. I timed them for almost two hours, and they became more intense until I woke J up around 11pm. I couldn't lay down anymore and was walking around our bedroom. I kept thinking it couldn't be the real thing and didn't want to go to the hospital and be sent home. Since they were more intense than any I'd had before and more frequent, J convinced me to call my OB. When she heard my contractions were more intense and five minutes apart for the past two hours, she said to head into the hospital. We packed the last few items in our bags and headed in around 12:30am. 

Little did I know how fast Miss CHP would come...birth story to follow! 

Week 40:
Welcome to the world CHP!

My sweet CHP was born one day before her due date. She was a tiny peanut at birth. Labor & delivery was an incredible experience, and I still cannot believe she's here. I absolutely love being CHP's mom and have fallen even more in love with my husband seeing him as a dad. I can't put into words what an amazing time this is for us.

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  1. You look amazing in that photo for just having had your baby girl!!! Congrats <3