Friday, April 5, 2013

high five for friday

I'm so thankful this busy week is over, and it's Friday! As I told you on Monday, this week's posts have been a little sparse due to my crazy work schedule.

1. I'm thankful that 6 out of 7 night shifts are over. They actually were great shifts with adorable patients and great night shift nurses, I wish I could tell you more. 

2. The best part of the 6/7 nights was that one of my nurse friends, Allison shared them with me, and we met for coffee almost every night around midnight to give us a little boost to keep going. Because of this week, I'm very close to Gold. I love the Starbucks app.

(Remember the next time you or a family member is in the hospital, buy your nurse a coffee, it will do wonders for keeping her awake and happy. Don't just offer because she'll say no, just surprise her). 

3. A pedicure with Allison after working 6 nights was the most the best relaxing treat. Plus, we're getting ready for spring! It looks like it's finally coming this weekend. 

4. Pure Barre kicked my tail last night. A week without going is rough. Any nurses have a short exercise routine that they do during a long stretch of shifts when you can't go take workout classes? 

5. I have been scouring youtube videos for tutorials for my Naked Palette and have loved trying new looks. This is one of my newest favorite every day looks. 

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  1. Yay Starbucks app!! Keep it up girl... I'm hooked too! I have 15 to gold! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Okay so how do you use this app? Do they just scan it when you buy a coffee? I have it but I've never used it...sad to say! Fill me in!