Thursday, April 25, 2013

London Planning

We are only a few weeks away from jet setting across the pond to start our European vacation. I have researched historical sites, activities, and last on my list is restaurants (but I feel like we can wing this one, unless you have cannot-miss-it-recommendations).

We will be starting our vacation in London, so I thought I'd share our itinerary so far. We're fine with the plans changing, but we have so much to pack into a short time that I want to be extremely organized for this trip. 

The chef found an amazing flight from Raleigh where we'll fly through the day and get there around 8pm which is so much better than arriving at 9am and trying to stay up all day. 

We'll spend our first day meeting up with the chef's friend, Peter who lives outside of London. We can't wait to go to a British pub and just enjoy the whole experience. And knowing both of these guys, we'll probably end up doing a pub crawl. And of course, I'll try fish and chips. I'm thinking I'll only like the chips, but I'll try anything (or almost anything). 

Our second day, Peter recommended we do the very touristy thing and go on the red double decker bus tour. It apparently gives you a great taste of the city before walking and seeing all of the sites. The pass allows you to hop on and off the buses all day and includes a River cruise of the Thames River. We'll hopefully pack the river cruise into this day as well. Just fyi, if you're booking this pass, it's cheaper to book online than to wait purchase in person. 
Our hotel pick for London is the Marriott at Grosvenor Square, which will be very convenient for our sightseeing.

For the third day, we're purchasing the London Pass with the public transportation included option. The pass gives you access to numerous sites such as Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Winsor Castle and so many more. If there is time, we might even start the pass on day two in order to see the sites. The other huge plus of this pass is that it allows you to skip the lines for different sites, which is a great time saver. 

Westminster Abbey
During the evening on one of these days, we are planning on seeing a show. We're leaning towards Wicked just because we love it so much and know it would be beyond fabulous in London. 
The fourth day, we have a late morning flight booked to Vienna. Good-bye London, hello home! I'm excited for every city but probably the most excited to go back to where I grew up.

So, do you have any recommendations of restaurants or any other cannot-miss-it sites while we're in London? I love recommendations and bloggers always have the best ones! 


  1. Yay! I LOVE London. I studied abroad there in college and saw "Wicked," so of course I say a big, fat "YES" to that. :)