Friday, May 31, 2013

Sex and the City

Hi dolls! My name is Samantha and I blog over at Hooah and Hiccups! I'm usually writing about my favorite fashion trend or accessory, my wildly adorable little man, or spilling my heart on some random subject. I'm open, I'm honest, and I would do just about anything to put a smile on someone's face :) 

Anyways! Today I'm going to be talking to you about how Carrie Bradshaw and I are basically twins separated at birth.


Let's start out with our curly hair. Until puberty, my hair was basically pin straight except for one random wave near the bottom. It was horrific; I cringe looking back at pictures. But once I hit puberty (and after two perms) my hair just stayed curly! Granted hers is a lot curlier than mine but hey, I'll take this over what it was any day!


We love fashion! So no, I've never spent $480 on a pair of shoes like she tends to do frequently, but that doesn't mean I can't drool over them. I take expensive looks like that and do it for much cheaper. I ran a Reality Chic series a few weeks in a row and you'd be amazed how much you can save when you really take the time to look. Take inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, celebs, etc and then give it your own frugal fashionista twist!


I'm a lover; I absolutely love to be in love. I'm a hopeless romantic and luckily for me, my husband is too most of the time. We fell in love through snail mail letters while he was away at basic training and well, the rest is history. Carrie went through her share of men on the series but it was ALWAYS Mr. Big. Always.

We love to write! Writing has always been my biggest passion. I wrote for my student newspaper in college and started blogging when my hubby deployed to Afghanistan. Although I don't write about sex like she does, I'm still going to count that as a similarity. She shares her life through her writing and well, so do I. 

I was meant to live in a city. Due to the military lifestyle dictating where I live, I don't really have an option to move to a big city. However had my life gone a different route, I would have been living the dream in the middle of Manhattan or Chi-town. I guess there's always my next life..

So there you have it! Carrie and I are basically twins! I'd love for you to stop by and say hello! And a big thank you to Aileen for having me today! xoxo

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