Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Stay Lovely

 My name is Candice & I blog over at Just Stay Lovely!
I was flattered when Aileen asked me to guest post for her! Isn't she just the sweetest? And lets be honest I am real jealous for her trip to Europe and I can't wait until she gets back to hear all about it! (Not that I am trying to rush you girlfriend.. but we will miss you!)

So, I am originally from South Jersey but fell in love with New England after attending college in New Hampshire. I fell in love with the cutest boy from Maine, and was accepted into graduate school at Boston University for deaf education (yes I talk with my hands!) So I am packing up my stuff and moving myself into the most adorable apartment next Friday the 24th!

Ahh cute huh? You can see the initial inside tour here

  • I am a huge tea drinker. cold, hot, room temp -- you name it -- I love it
  • I can't have nice earnings, I always loose them, so I stick to Forever21
  • I tend to get emotionally attached to TV characters
  • Hate seafood it freaks me out!
  • I love wine.. and a total wino 
  • Coffee shops.. love everything about them, the smell, the feel, the drinks.
  • Obsessed with Law & Order SUV (How cute is detective Elliot?)
  • I hate to drive but am always that friend who ends up driving
  • 4 people in my 'real life' know about my blog
  • & yes I am totally that person who hugs someone they just met 'hello'

One more very fun thing I want to share with you! Four bloggers and myself are hosting an instagram challenge! Its called #piclove365. The rules are pretty simple, post a picture everyday (or try to!) for the next year and dont forget to use the hashtag! Its just something fun we decided to do to get to know each other more! You can read more about it here here or here! 
I really hope you decided to join us!

Well thank you so much for reading & thanks again to Aileen for letting me be featured!
Be sure to come over and say hello! 

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