Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's in my hospital bag

At 39 weeks, my bag is packed and ready for CHP's arrival. I love to gather tips from other people, so if I'm forgetting any essentials, please tell me. We also don't live far from the hospital, so if I forget something the grandparents can always bring it. 

1. Clothing Essentials
My cousin gave me a few nursing tanks for at the hospital and home. I purchased these Target pants in black and gray. They are extremely comfortable and soft, and I also read that dark clothes are key post-partum. I'm also going to throw in my robe for during labor and post-partum in case I want/can walk the halls. I thought about adding a button down shirt for nursing and that might look cute in photos. I also packed the non-glamous items: granny panties, pads, and nursing pads, just in case I need them. 

2. Toiletries & Make-up 
I have a travel kit ready to go and just need to toss in my favorite make-up essentials. I know, I probably won't wear much but after labor and a shower, I think that it'll make me feel better to freshen up. 

3. Slippers & Flip-flops
I put in my slippers for walking the halls and room. The flip-flops are for the shower. No matter how "clean" a hospital looks, they really aren't so these will definitely be used.

4. A bag of hard candy
I've read it's great to have hard candy for during labor when you're not allowed to eat. A bag of mints and ginger chews sounded good to me. I also packed a few protein bars, cheez-its, and gummy candy for J in case he gets hungry during the labor process. 

5. Candy for the nurses
I bought a few bags of assorted candy to have in a basket in my hospital room to give as a thank-you for anyone who takes care of me and CHP. I always like it when families bring us food at work, so I wanted to do the same. I also plan on having family bring bagels or donuts and coffee for the staff while we're there. Believe me, no nurse will say yes if you offer to buy them coffee, but they won't turn down free coffee and breakfast given to them at the nurses' station. 

6. Camera & computer
I need to keep the battery charged for both of these. I think having our nice camera there for CHP's first photos will be great. I also think having the computer will be nice entertainment if we're waiting for a while for CHP.

7. Paperwork, insurance, & ID

8. Hair products
I've already put dry shampoo in my bag and will be bringing my hair dryer too. I think I'll want both of these depending on what my hair is looking/feeling like after delivery. 

CHP's diaper bag
I decided not to pack too many things for her because the hospital will have diapers, wipes, bulb syringe, etc for her. There are just a few personal items I wanted for her. 

1. Boppy pillow 
I'm planning on breastfeeding and would like the lactation consultants to help me figure out how to hold her with the pillow, so I'm prepared when we get home. 

2. Swaddle blankets
I know they have plenty of swaddle blankets but lots of babies have used them, and I want her soft blankets from home. We're also packing an extra one to get her scent on it and send it home with family for Aida to smell before we come home. 

3. Bows, clothes, & hats
I'm so excited to put her in her coming home outfit! It has her name on it and a matching "C" hat. I also packed a few bows that hopefully she can wear if she doesn't have too big of a cone head.

That pretty much covers everything. Mamas, am I missing anything essential to our hospital stay? 


  1. Make sure to bring pillows from home (in a different-colored pillowcase) for both you and your husband. Brandon was SO thankful for his own pillow and a blanket from home when he was sleeping on that tiny pull-out bed in the hospital. Also, bring a pacifier if you are planning to use one; some hospitals are anti-pacifier for nursing moms and don't have any handy! :) Your hospital will very likely have big industrial-size pads, so I actually didn't even use the ones I brought with me and instead used theirs. And don't forget her baby book (or at least a few pages from it) for the hospital to put her footprints in and for guests to sign! :)

  2. I am no help to you on this topic but I'm in love with the diaper bag and the fact that you remembered to pack bows for her!

    Can't wait for baby CHP updates from your coach :) xoxo